Organic Baby Food – Natural healthy food for your baby

As a parent, off course we want to make our baby the best start food in a life. Some studies proof that the first food and eat behavior significantly affect the baby health and growth. As a parent we have to teach our self and introduce our baby with fresh natural foods, which its mean you make a foundation for your child health with healthy food choice.

Natural healthy food play a important role in preventing obesities, and other serious problem that baby may have. some researchers predict this new generation of children will have a shorter life expectancy than their life. And most of its caused by wrong eating and food behavior.

Health reason is the most important reasons why organic baby foods is ideal for your baby. Many food product design for baby but not considering some aspect such as unhealthy sugar, food color, preservative agent and other additives. And this case will not found in an organic food. Even there are no formal studies proof that organic baby food is the best, but there many personal experiences, claim that organic baby food improve their baby health with almost no side effect.

The best way to have organic baby food is make your own way. Basically it’s not hard to do, for example you can blend some organic wheat/rice, water, and fruit or vegetable (banana, carrot, and spinach and other vegetable and fruit), all you need is to make sure that the blend mild well, and then you have to cook it until boil for about 2 minutes. This kind of food is suitable as an additional food beside breast milk for 6-18 moth. When the baby is 10-12 month you may add meat and fish but you have to aware your baby allergy reaction. If it’s ok for your baby you may continue to give your baby more variety foods.

TOP Best Organic Baby Food

But from some people making organic baby food is not easy way with many reason. Instant organic baby food is a good option. There are some organic baby food product you may give to your lovely baby. Some reason why organic baby food better that regular baby food :

  • most off organic baby product are sugar free but some other use health sugar with perfect measured dose.
  • No preservative, no food coloring, no chemical fertilizers, no genetic modifications,
  • Contains organic ingredients without harmful residual pesticides
  • Natural ingredients with out genetic modifications

With all benefit, organic baby food is also perfect for keeping your baby from over weight. According to statistic baby obesities is almost 30% from all of the baby. Controlling baby weight is also necessary.


If you decide to give your baby. Here are some product examples, you may have for your baby.

By Type :

1. Organic Baby Formula

Breast milk is the best choice for every baby but in some chase a mother are not be able to give her breast milk for her baby for some reasons. In other chase breast milk insufficient volume that your baby need , it’s rare chase but it’s happens sometimes. In this situation organic baby milk formula is reasonable choice with all of the benefit of organic food. Organic baby milk also design as a complement for breast milk specially for over 12 month baby.

As an organic food this formula must not use of growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, dangerous pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Sometimes vitamin and minerals substance are added. This formula also have be easy to digest and meet all FDA requirements for infant nutrition with the added benefit of being organic.

Organic Baby formula uses milk from cows that raised in the organic field with organic feed. This will produce natural infant formula that derive traditional and hygienist farm and controlled by animal organic expert.

Other type organic formula is soy formula, this is design for baby who allergy with animal protein. This formula is derive from vegetable and most is from organic soybean.



2. Organic Baby Fruit and vegetables

Organic baby fruit and vegetables are come from selected organic agriculture. organic agriculture is a farm method that do not use any synthetic pesticides, synthetic grow hormone, and not genetically modified plant. With this method will produce more safe and health product with minimal risk contain any harmful residue.

Chemical toxic or heavy metal can affected to baby immune system if it’s ingested. Plant genetically modified also increase the risk of baby exposure the contaminant  found on non-organic product.

While your baby grow up you have a lot of choice to make. Our decision today will affected to his live forever. so parents can maintains baby health with the utmost confidence.

This organic product maybe not 100% organic because some material are added mostly vitamins and mineral. This product type is design for baby 4 month and over as a complementary food.

3. Organic meat/fish

Organic meat is considered far superior in taste and quality of non-organic meat as well, so it’s something you’ve probably made the difference.

Organic meat is the number two list of foods to buy as an organic food. As with milk, is classic meat, including poultry feed, pigs and cows are often developed with the help of hormones, chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics. These toxins are found in the animal that may end in you.

Organic meat is high in nutritional value and toxins and has raised some using organic farming methods. Organic farming heal the earth by returning vitality and nutrients to the soil and keep away from water and air pollution.


4. Organic cereal/rice

Somewhere between four and six months, but more likely 6 months, your baby ready for solid foods. At this age, it will move to be able to swallow food at the back of the mouth and digestive system can handle solids. Baby you signs that he ready for solids. For starters, it is much more aware of their environment. It reaches for your food, the things in your mouth, you look closely while you are eating and seem to be hungry after breastfeeding.

Young babies do not receive solid foods for many reasons. For starters, they are not yet ready to develop swallowing solid. A baby is not in a position to solid food from the front to the back of the mouth move to swallow. Instead, he tends to gag reflex, by extrusion, with which he was born. Small babies can not break complex molecules in many proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, can therefore directly through solid food, or worse, cause unnecessary anxiety IG. Research shows that children develop food allergies if solids are introduced too early. Mother’s milk and offer the perfect balance of nutrients it needs.

The best first food is usually rice cereal fortified with iron. It is the iron that is now required for its food, grain and less rainfall, an allergic reaction. First, the solid start for the practice of feeding and swallowing. Begin with very small amounts. A baby-size bite of cereal to the first power supply is sufficient. Gradually increase the grain about two tablespoons per meal.

Soon, the grain is an important part of their diet is made. After your baby on rice cereal have also set up (mixed with formula or breast), you can begin pureed fruits and vegetables, you wait a week between each new food to check for problems. Offer new foods at breakfast or lunch. If he has a reaction to a feed dinner, you could sleepless in one night. You should avoid meat, pureed until at least seven or eight months, as their protein content may be too high for young babies. In the early stages of the solids, to ensure that food is running on the side. After baby is swallowing more, you can increase the consistency and texture.


5. Organic snack/cookies

Preschool children with classic non-organic diets compared about six times higher concentrations of pesticide residues in their bodies, with the children to eat organic food, according to a 2002 study by researchers at the Department of environment and health at the University of Washington published (see references 1). Specific pesticides examined, malathion, belongs to a class of pesticides calledorgano phosphates, to interrupt the central nervous system.

The Environmental Protection Agency has found that young animals are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of organophosphorus compounds, which means that young children can also have a higher risk of chronic exposure to these chemicals (see references 2, p . 17) are implicit.

You may want to prevent your baby feed these pesticides residue, but packaged organic baby food can be expensive. on other side, some people decide to buy the organic product because price are worth for the product.

By Major companies

Earth’s Best Organic baby food

Earth with the best selection of the right foods is easy. We create high-quality, organic products cultivated by some of the best farmers, filled with the finest ingredients and tested to the highest degree of purity and freshness. Our organic products protect the earth for future generations a healthy diet and a healthy world to grow in.

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food
We now offer organic produce, snacks, meals and even earth-friendly products from the body of your little baby. By extending the best sign of confidence Earth on baby foods, we hope that all children grow with the freshest and purest that possible in a world where clean and safe.

Organic foods offer around innumerable health benefits for you, your children and the world around us. With the family of the Hain Celestial Group and Best Earth, you can be sure that your family foods high decent quality.

Gerber Organic

Gerber’s healthy baby product began in 1927, in the kitchen of Daniel and Dorothy Gerber with a simple idea but some innovative and useful advice to his pediatrician to load the main solid food for their 7 months daughter. The couple sat this novel, time-saving approach to feeding their children through the efforts of all natural fruits and vegetables in the family Fremont Canning Company. In 1959, Gerber began its history of innovation through the development of the baby first tamper packaging – helping to protect children everywhere.

Nestlé Gerber and share a philosophy of giving baby the best in everything we do and together we are a trusted baby food that can really grow with you and your little ones, so your baby the best start – every time. Whether you are starting to infant baby corn, the introduction of the first stage in childhood or jump into the pre-school with Gerber Foods. We’re with you every step of the path. Ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles for you and baby.

Nestlé roots go back to infant formula over 140 years until 1867 and the town of Vevey, Switzerland, where a pharmacist named Henri Nestlé saved the life of a child of a neighbor who was not be able to feed breast. The baby thrived on a special blend nourishing Henri created. There was food in the world first child. Since then, Nestlé has continued to research, innovate and support the individual needs of the growing baby in the world.

Plum Organic

Plum Organics specializes in organic food production and healthy babies menus. Your baby foods are minimally processed and retain more of their natural nutrients, bright colors, rich flavors, textures and delicious.

Plum Organic baby food

Plum Organic baby food

We believe that the introduction of real babies food with a delicious taste and natural ingredients can be as early as possible, the foundation of a healthy diet throughout the set. Our food is cooked just the right amount to use with other conventional treatment baby food jars that expose foods to high temperatures and cooking time is long compared.

With baby-approved recipes and the finest organic ingredients, our products are cooked gently and minimally processed to ensure the best flavor and nutrition. Therefore, our food tastes richer, vibrant colors and textures must be maintained.

HappyBaby Organic

To provide families with more health, nutrition, the best possible bound. Besides using the best organic ingredients, we have to offer the best of nature when it comes to nutrition included, as our sustainable source of DHA, and super pre-and probiotics as Salba grains and quinoa.

Happy baby always promises to support organic farming.
We believe that children deserve good food, without chemicals, pesticides, artificial ingredients or preservatives. Healthy body, healthy world.

HappyBaby Organics Baby Food
First, we refer the responsibility of suppliers of organic ingredients. For example, we buy Salba from a small farmers in Peru named Alfredo. Alfredo used to grow organic and sustainable agricultural practices that Salba. He also runs the business in a socially responsible by paying its workers about market-based pay, providing coverage to health and take time for workers and their families to continue their education. These are the types of providers, we seek in our company. In addition, all foods contain organic ingredients and non-GMO happy baby.

Happy baby is passionate and committed to using the most robust, innovative packaging with all the products we make. Our cans HAPPY BELLIER produced grain from more than 50% recycled materials, and our new HAPPYMUNCHIES cans are made ​​from recycled materials by 62%. Bags and pouches HappyBaby HAPPYTOT have a lower environmental impact than glasses with less material and reducing the total transport emissions through its lightweight nature. Our new display cover is made ​​from 100% recycled fibers with 35% post-consumer content.

Sprout Organic Baby Food

Our main value is the food safe, healthy and tasty for babies. If it is not safe, healthy and delicious, we do not. Our ingredients and packaging are carefully chosen the best product possible.

Every choice we make has to fit within our ecological system, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our existing products. Throughout our supply chain that we are together with our partners to make smarter decisions for the environment.

The term organic, when applied to food is very specific. This means that some rules must be followed by all of USDA. This means that some conventional fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are not allowed or that the limits used in the cultures and the land must be free of these substances for three years. Genetically modified plants are not allowed. In the case of animals, which means they are fed an organic diet and are not systematically antibiotics or growth hormones.

The USDA has established guidelines for growing and handling of organic food through the National Organic Program, a law dating from 2002. It covers in detail all aspects of food production, processing, delivery and retail. Use of the USDA organic seal, at least 95% organic ingredients. Third-party certifier must be a United States Department of Agriculture are allowed to manufacture products under the National Organic Program to certify standards. Sprout organic baby food is organically grown by independent certifier Quality Assurance International. Sprout baby food is 100% bio, not 95%.

Starter – Stage 1 Individual ingredients
It is recommended that parents try new foods one at a time for 3 to 5 days until an allergy test food ingredients, while the baby is still primarily breast or bottle. Some parents want babies breast milk or usual formula to a level 1 Add food to ease the transition and a little familiarity, a new experience.

Intermediate – 2nd Stage
Simple combinations:
These recipes are combinations of two or more substances. Nutritionally, these foods for the continuation of breastfeeding or formula feeding should be completed as your baby explores the flavors and even food.

Advanced – Stage 3 Lunch with Texture
These recipes are easy for children to develop a more in their food. These recipes are more of a balanced diet with more protein and calories for babies eat more food and less breast milk or formula.

The nutrition panel on the label for children under 2 years is different from what you see on food labels to adult education, because children’s needs for certain nutrients differently from adults. For some nutrients not “daily value” is listed for some elements because daily values ​​have not been established for children under 4 for nutrients such as fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates and fibers.

For nutrients, which are listed under daily values ​​of the panel, believes that these nutrients in breast milk and formula that your child receives daily. Some boards do not have all the nutrients that food contains, the lack of space on the product packaging. You can use advanced nutritional labeling plates on each drive to see product pages. Generally, if you should not feed your child, try to limit fat or calories to your child if you were not invited to do so by your child’s doctor.


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