Plum Organics Baby Food Review (2017)

Organic baby food in USA is available from a plenty of producers. Still, not every one of them can be called the best in the market. Plum Organics is among those who enter the top 10 organic baby food made in USA, and in this article you will find out why.

Introduction to Plum Organics

The company currently has 10 years of success behind its back. I consider this period to be optimal, as it means that producers have already achieved a lot, learnt from some initial mistakes and found strong ground underneath. Within all these years they have been working hard to make their products useful, tasty and convenient for parents. When looking through their website, we can see that founders are parents themselves, which means that they can be called organic baby food makers who know what they are doing.

What to buy from Plum Organics?

I can definitely say that there is a lot to buy from them for all the stages of initial baby development. Organic baby food by Plum is diverse, conveniently structured by age, content and purpose, and is filled with vitamins, minerals and other useful elements that our kids need so much for development and growth.

If we take particular examples from the Plum Organics online assortment, we will see that there are products for babies (the smallest ones), tots (those who are a bit older), and kids (the oldest ones). In the first group we can find a wealth of options with original and simple tastes. For instance, if your kid needs formula – you can find a quality product here. It’s made of non-fat milk from cows who are fed by organic grain only.

Older kids who need introduction of more versatile meals can make use of different Plum Organic baby food pouches. In here there are a lot of tastes divided by content – veggies, fruits, and purpose – grow well (special options for extra useful nutrients), second blends (variants for stage 2 menus). There are also special teethers and puffs, each of them having enough useful and nutritious components to satisfy the needs of growing babies.Baby Food

In the tots category you will find Jual Plum Organic baby food, which mostly has a “mighty” word before each name. I highly appreciate the originality of the best organic baby food maker, and want to explain that this series offers such names, as it makes our kids mightier indeed. The range includes different purees, as well as tasty smoothies, snack bars and sticks, which can perfectly go for a great breakfast, or a snack on the go.

For the older kids you can buy organic baby food online, which includes various healthy and tasty snacks. The series includes three kinds of snacks – Mashups, Jammy Sammy and Shredz. Personally I liked the latter option most, as kids not only get useful product, but also have a lot of fun. Where else will you find organic baby food, which can be tied and twisted?

Where to order Plum Organics?

Of course, the safest place to purchase Plum Organic baby food is Amazon. In here you can find the whole range of the producer at affordable price. If you want to save extra money, you are free to use Plum Organic baby food coupons, which can easily be found on the web. I want to assure you that the cost for Plum Organic products, although not very cheap, is absolutely reasonable, and you can be sure that your baby gets maximum benefits from it.

Thus, if you are looking for the best organic baby food in the USA, you should definitely try Plum Organics. It is very tasty, offers a lot of different options for kids from the very early age and it really cares about its customers. Look for coupons for Plum Organic baby food, place your order on Amazon and enjoy the highest quality available on the market.

About the product:

Just® Fruit

JUST® Fruits (4+ months), a Stage 1 baby food line of fruit blends are perfect introducing solids or first foods to your budding eater. Using only organic ingredients, the blends are in a convenient, resealable pouch that’s perfect for flexible portions.

  • prunes
  • peaches
  • mangos


eat your colors®

Each recipe helps little ones fully experience food with all their senses. Color their world, right from the start!
  • strawberry, apple, rhubarb & oats
  • cherry, purple carrot, blackberry & millet
  • sweet potato, apricot, papaya & cardamom
  • red – beet, apple & red bell pepper

strawberry, apple, rhubarb & oatscherry, purple carrot, blackberry & milletsweet potato, apricot, papaya & cardamomred – beet, apple & red bell pepper

Grow Well®

Grow Well® (6 months & up) is a line of Stage 2 purees that harness the nutrition of real ingredients to help support baby.
  • dha
  • tummy
  • muscle


Second Blends

Second Blends (6+ months), a Stage 2 baby food line with blends of fruit and veggies that are perfect for exposing your little foodie to unique flavors and colors. Using only organic ingredients, the blends are in a convenient, resealable pouch that’s perfect for flexible portions.
  • apple, raisin & quinoa
  • banana, zucchini & amaranth
  • sweet potato, apple & corn
  • mango, sweet potato, apple & millet

apple, raisin & quinoabanana, zucchini & amaranthsweet potato, apple & cornmango, sweet potato, apple & millet

Stage 3 Meals

Stage 3 Meals (6+ months), a line of culinary-inspired baby meals, are perfect for budding foodies. These hearty, flavorful meals are cooked to delight & develop baby’s palate while helping to transition baby to table food.
  • carrot, sweet potato, corn, pea & chicken with quinoa, celery & leek
  • carrot, spinach, turkey, corn, apple & potato with celery & onion
  • carrot, chickpea, pea, beef & tomato with celery, date & onion

carrot, spinach, turkey, corn, apple & potato with celery & onioncarrot, sweet potato, corn, pea & chicken with quinoa, celery & leekcarrot, chickpea, pea, beef & tomato with celery, date & onion

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